About us

What we do
At Landbank Analytics we look to open up a new window in the Cyprus property market through the introduction of a well-informed Real Estate Market Intelligence tool that provides current and historic market analyses and trends. Our powerful intelligence tool draws upon thousands of current and historic prices based on a meticulous analysis of a large portfolio of nationwide property transactions and valuation reports, to provide you with a thorough market analysis and historic trends.

How it helps you
You are provided with user-friendly features for searching and analysing different property types and subtypes, which promote objective market insight and allow for informed decision making. Banking institutions, service loan companies, investors, corporate clients, chartered surveyors, estate agents and individuals are provided with a powerful intelligence tool that facilitates better investment decision making, whilst academics, researchers, national institutions and government bodies can access historic and current property trends and deviations in real time.

Why Landbank Analytics
Our team comprises of expert analysts and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create a unique real estate analytics platform in the Cyprus property market. With a few clicks, we are able to provide detailed market analyses and data trends for each property type, at various granularities, ranging from national to regional or even postcode level.
Trustworthy and evidence-based reporting: A reliable market analysis is the foundation for any investment decision. It should be grounded on accurate, consistent and up-to-date data in order to serve its purpose and withstand the test of time. In that axiom we base our market intelligence tool. As firm advocates of informed decision making, we are continuously collecting data from both primary (i.e. property transactions) and secondary sources (i.e. valuation reports, estate agent portals) to further expand our own extensive databank. Moreover, we have long now embraced state-of-the-art technologies to develop a smart system whereby all data is scrutinized and analysed to provide real-time results and visuals at different granularities.

In depth analyses: When we are commissioned to provide an intelligence analysis, it is our aim to deliver real value. Our analyses are based upon theoretically and empirically tested methods and tools recognized worldwide. Furthermore, our analysts extend their investigation in all aspects of the Cyprus property market to enable our intelligence tool to present a clear depiction of the overall market conditions.

Qualified, experienced and prompt analysts: Our team of analysts consists of exceptionally talented, well trained and energetic individuals that come from a variety of backgrounds such as real estate, applied mathematics/statistics, economics, and business. We are confident that our experts can operate a system that will support your decision making.

The Team

Our human capital takes a proactive approach in servicing your needs.

Andreas Ph. Christophorides

Founder & CEO

Panayiotis Antoniou

Senior Data Analyst